Ghost Dance EP

by Aches for the old world

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Ghost Dance is the debut EP from Aches for the old world.

It is devoted to people everywhere fighting for justice, their land and their livelihoods.

Artwork courtesy of Stu Hall.

Check out the video for 'World still turns' on YouTube:


released January 12, 2015

Written and performed by Andrew Walton.
Engineered and produced by Richard Labran.
Released on Smokin' Records.
Artist photo courtesy of Daisy Blecker @ Otherfotos.



all rights reserved


Aches for the old world Birmingham, UK

Aches for the old world is singer-songwriter Andrew Walton.

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Track Name: World still turns
They came to this land in fortresses and I wish they had sunk like my heart. At first there were few, but their haunted white hue soon numbered more than the stars.

We sang and danced and called them forth, but the spirits they ignored our calls.

The devil is man, he stole our hearts, he buried our love, but the world still turns.

Their midas touch turned oil to gold and our forests they turned to a wasteland. This alchemy, and a penchant for greed, sees empires with blood on their hands.

We sang and danced and called them forth, but the devil he answered our calls.
Track Name: Transcend
I'll buy you a dram, one for the road, and when you leave me, it'll keep you warm.

Time moves on, but moments like these transcend it all.

We'll meet again, you know in your heart, our spirits will burn longer and brighter than stars.

Look at the Earth and tell me it's not a cradle in the Universe, a light against the dark. Why do we search for something more? Why look to heaven when there's soil between our toes? It's eternal, it's nothing at all, life is vibration and I am just your thoughts.
Track Name: Would
"Don't hate the player, hate the game"; that's what the politicians say. But they're the ones re-writing the rules, a statute book designed to keep us blind.

And would it be right to have a child, born into chains, forged from a calcified mind?

And would it be sound to bring a life into this world, to stand a rigged trial?

Hope keeps us passive, "something might change"; have we learnt nothing from history's mistakes? Taught to consume, encouraged to hate, divided by lies, ignorance keeps us blind.